The Sainsbury's Night out.

To celebrate the letter of intent for two Sainsbury's warehouses - Dematic kindly took all of the participants of the project out for a meal.

I carried the drawings if anyone asks. BF

Click on images to see larger versions.

All photographs with thanks to Phil 'FUN' Hughes

Almost everyone at the table, enjoying the free food, drink and copious chatter. The meal had just finished, but Bic was just ready to ask what was for main course.
Steve Baker and Graham Mason, such a lovely couple - they got on like a house on fire; everyone else just smiled politely. Easy on the beer Benn, otherwise you'll regret it in the morning!
Tom Teagle was trying to explain to the waiter that his watch had fallen off into the soup.
Matthew Weston's sides almost split after one of Dan Smith's really P.C. jokes. All eyes were focused on the end of the table - Steve and Graham's affair seemed to becoming a little to obvious! Later that evening a few of the rebels went on to the Sound Exchange for a bit of a sing song and a boogie.

Hands in the air - I've never seen so much over acting! Tom knows how to dance discretely.

Tom tried to warn Benn that his whole hand would not fit up there... not without his assistance.

Confused and disorientated Simon focused on the floor to steady the whiling dervish around his head. In the end Dan asked Benn to chill a little.
Simon Balaam appears to be auditioning for a late night gay exchange advert.
Dan got excited at the prospect of a half attractive lady, but Simon laughed as he was surrounded by goddesses! That half bitter shandy went straight to Ollie's head. Simon - enough said.


Dematic - Its not a night out if you don't get ratted!