Devon Trip


The year was 1998, the month was July. A group of friends, having just completed their A-levels, decided to holiday together in the pleasant land of Devon.

We stayed in part of a lovely manor house in a village by the name of Ivy Bridge. Always an interesting walk to and from the local pub (as I am sure the others remember, or not in Pete's case).

The most interesting evening was in Plymouth, where we planned to visit a club's jelly jazz night. We arrived early and had beer first in the pub next door (the Jolly Smuggler) which turned out to be for a certain type of sailor only! That would explain the high price of beer.
  A lot of smiley, happy people gathered at Plymouth Hoe. Note Simon (left) really wanted to be there.
Everyone took turns to cook. Simon and myself decided to make a delicious curry, mmmm... For some reason I had to taste test the scrumptious meal before anyone would go near it!
After a few minutes it was decided that the curry was safe. So Simon and I celebrated our success. The meal went down well, even though Simon looks as if it has traveled straight through him.
Those not at the table enjoyed the meal in the comfort of the lounge. During the night Pete would sneak into the bedroom of Kate and Liz. And every night they were SO grateful that he did!
I had the pleasure of sharing this bed with Pete when he wasn't sneaking into others; or in this case inviting others to join him. A view of the Hoe (could be a postcard - what a photographer)
Picnic time at the Hoe, although there is not a lot of picnicking occurring by the look of it. I think that might be cheating, Mark.
Steve seem to be enjoying riding the dolphin a little too much; mind you he was younger looking than most of the children there, so he can be excused!
It is rather embarrassing when the genuine children are pushed to one side to allow the "big kids" to take over.