Holland Holiday

A long weekend with plenty packed in

Day One
Within one hour of arriving, in true Brit style, we hit the drinks!

Having started on the plane, Pete was ready for another one.

There was a carnival in Eindhoven, with women not wearing much under their gowns.

Pete, trying the attract the ladies' attention. He waved so fast he started to take off

The Eindhoven cathedral - a very touristy photograph The second bar: Liz, Kate, Caroline, Beccy. (Simon behind)
Simon, sitting at the rear, something has caught his eye, a builder's bum perhaps? Kate pulling something of Liz's finger, requiring a lot of force!
The third bar: The girls on a balcony, just before a scooter drove through the bar below. The next day, swimming in the hotel pool, it was very warm! We had a spectator later as well.