Mandy's Birthday

Colonel Bogies on a Saturday night. mmmmm nice

Page One
Caroline and the birthday girl.

Pete's tongue is actually 4' long and within seconds had passes through both Caroline and Mandy's heads.

Liz's party piece was pretending to be an evil being from Stargate SG1.

A typical shot representing Hayley and Laurie throughout the evening.

I assume you are looking in Hayley's handbag, Laurie! Hayley was telling everyone that she had decided not to wear a revealing top, as she did not want to embarrass herself.
Mandy and Liz; what a pose! Dave George desperately trying to escape Mark's ramblings about WWII. '...during the war...'
James Coleman was there, although he will not recall any of it. Liz could not help but wink at me.