Photos for Friends

That was the subject of the e-mail!
All friends together - doesn't Steve look happy!
I guess this was Anna's attempt to eradicate me from the photo or a lightning bolt from the heavens. Must be an omen!

I only just managed to catch Anna as she was thrown across the room in bizarre dancing incident.

After downing two pints, a bottle of WKD and a cocktail, Anna thought there actually two chairs to sit on. The mix and match concept has not yet been adopted in Scotland.
I don't think I need say anything. Important Question: Where is Benn's other hand and why is Steve smiling like that.
Another photo with a blindingly happy looking Steve - winning the lottery is more likely than him cracking a smile! It seems as if Liz decided to take a photograph of herself.
Must be a cardboard cut out - Steve's facial expression does not change, happy happy happy! Female congregation (Mandy, Anna and Liz) - I think they were planning a toilet visiting campaign.
Mark was very impressed with Anna's impression of a Baboon's bottom!
I just wish I could find a photo where I am not looking like a T*4t! Is that a smile I see creeping onto Steve's face?

I think I'll have just one more screaming orgasm!