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Get a load of the content on this site - it just gets better and better (or worse) it depends upon your taste though. Ultimately, you must have a browse and make up your own mind, unless you bow to peer pressure easily, but if that is the case you must be reading this a 2 o'clock in the morning with the lights out and the sound off - hoping not to get caught. I bet after that Gary Glitter incident you will not be sending you computer off for repair! If however you are surfing this site in broad daylight in the presents of your friends and family then good on you - it shows that you have the balls to stand up for your self and be counted. Just don't be surprised when you are one of the first people up against the wall feeling the pressure of society repressing every living fiber of your being! Remember the choice is yours, stand up or sit down, just have a look and enjoy - I spent all of ten minutes putting this lot together (8 minutes of that writing this rubbish), so don't critise too much!


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Never mind him, you have to feel sorry for me...

I..I can't think of a logical argument to explain this!

...I had to work with this guy!

siemens dematic - sainsbury's
siemens dematic - lisa's birthday

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May Ball 2002 Cowes Week Holland Holiday


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